Ayato Kirishima + his stupid little headband

Ayato Kirishima + his stupid little headband

Ghouls have feelings too. No different than humans do. Why don’t human turn their attention toward that? Why don’t they try to understand? It’s something so obvious. It’s something so simple.

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Although it’s been a long time not to draw, but I still love them as same as before~~~

I know it’s early but it will come soon,  say Happy birthday on  September 7 to my dear angel ❤❤❤ ~>v<~❤❤❤


New Era Gerard for caitor UwU



  • Title: ある夏の日 (One Summer’s Day)
  • Rating: G
  • Fandom: Free!
  • Pairing: Yamazaki Sousuke x Matsuoka Rin
  • Artist: 回復ゆんける   ·    link here
  • Translated By: bishouwae ((i’m not sure if this has been translated or not (i got the trans from chinese translations here)

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Japanese Rude/Swear Words & Insults →


ぶす (busu) - ugly
でぶ (debu) - fatty
貴様 (kisama) - rude way of saying ‘you’
てめえ(temee) - another rude way of saying ‘you’

あま (ama) - bitch
やりまん (yariman) - slut
ばいた (baida) - whore
馬鹿 (baka) - idiot
くそがき (kusogaki) - unpleasant brat
嘘つき (usotsuki) - liar